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When to Take the CPP – What Is Involved?

If you have worked in Canada you will have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). You have some control over when to take and how much of a CPP retirement pension you will receive when you reach age 60. This post summarizes what you need to know and do and provides links to more details. More

When to Take the CPP – Factors Involved

Before deciding when to take your Canada Pension Plan retirement pension you need to consider the impact of a number of factors that affect how much you will receive. These include the age-dependent increase in yearly payment provided, drop-outs, inflation, marginal taxes, the break-even age and survival probability. More

When to Take the CPP – Analysis

The two options for taking the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pension depend on when you stop working and when you decide to take the pension and are discussed in this post with an analysis of two examples using the spreadsheets.  More

When to Take the CPP – Spreadsheets

The downloadable Excel spreadsheets described in this post can be used to determine when to take your Canada Pension Plan retirement pension. Once you copy your CPP Statement of Contributions into the table provided, a macro can be run that fills in the drop-outs and removals. Yearly payments, break-even ages and cumulative payments at various ages plus many charts will give you an insight as to when to take the CPP for your circumstances. You can also set inflation and marginal tax rates.

Life Expectancy and Survival Probability

Life expectancy is a key factor in a number of decisions required when you approach retirement. For example, should you delay taking the Canada Pension Plan pension or the Old Age Security payment? You need to feel comfortable that you will be alive to take a delayed pension and, for example with the CPP if you will be alive at the break-even age. More

StatsCan – How Much Do Individual Canadians Make?

How Much Do Canadians Acutal MakeThere have been a number of surveys that deal with how much Canadians are saving and the debt that they have accumulated. However, they never seem to categorize the answers by the income of the person. Statistics Canada has access to data that provides the answer of how much income Canadians actual make. More