StatsCan – How Much Do Individual Canadians Make?

How Much Do Canadians Acutal MakeThere have been a number of surveys that deal with how much Canadians are saving and the debt that they have accumulated. However, they never seem to categorize the answers by the income of the person. Statistics Canada has access to data that provides the answer of how much income Canadians actual make.
As stated on the Statistics Canada website, It “produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society and culture. In addition to conducting a Census every five years, there are about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life.”

The data of interest for this post is the Individuals by total income level. The latest data is for 2013 but the table also includes 2009 to 2012. The data was released June 26, 2015.

The data sources are “100% of individuals who filed an individual tax return (T1) or were CCTB recipients… When complete, the sample is approximately 95% of the population and is left unweighted, unadjusted.”

Data Table

You can select different data for the table by clicking on the “Find Information” link at the bottom of the table. Then click on the “Detailed Tables from CANSIM” link. The data table will now reappear with a set of Tabs at the top. Click on the “Add/Remove Data” and select what you want to view.

The data is in an unusual format as it mixes different formats. Here is the raw data for 2013 for Canada.

Total, all income groups26,172,530
Under $5,0001,966,660
$5,000 and over24,205,880
$10,000 and over22,448,040
$15,000 and over20,104,110
$20,000 and over17,586,950
$25,000 and over15,467,510
$35,000 and over12,154,440
$50,000 and over7,984,940
$75,000 and over3,961,710
$100,000 and over1,958,160
$150,000 and over677,440
$200,000 and over338,960
$250,000 and over207,050
Median total income32,020

Notice that the Under $5,000 is a population amount while all the others are a total. This is not very useful for understanding how many people earn how much.

The population included in the data table is 26,172,530. From the StatsCan website, Canada’s total population estimates, 2013 is 35,158,300, up 404,000 (+1.2%) over the last year. That is, the table covers almost 75% of the population. What happened to the missing 9 million people?

The median income was $32,020 up from  $31,320 in 2012.

I have not been able to find what line of the T1 tax form the income refers to. It is definitely before tax, but it could be either line 150 that is the Total Income, line 236 (Net Income) that subtracts any deductions that are applicable from Total Income, or line 260 (Taxable Income) that removes other deductions. StatsCan probably uses the equivalent of line 150 (Total Income) as they mention that they use data from other sources such as child benefits, if they are not reported on the T1 tax form.

Percent of Population By Income Range

I worked with the data to put it into a form that shows the number of people for each income range and then each range’s percentage of the total. The results are shown in the following table and the chart.

Range ($K)Population% of TotalCum %


How Much Do Canadians Acutal MakeThe blue columns use the left axis and are the percent of the total population included in the StatsCan data table. The red line uses the right axis and is the cumulative percent of the individual populations.

One obvious observation is that just over 30% of the population earns less than $20,000. With the deductions that are available as outlined in Impact of Tax Credits on Average Tax Rate, they will not have to pay any, or a very small amount of income taxes. Another observation is that before-tax income for 40% of the population is less than $25K.

Just under 30% earn between $25K and $50K. while there are 23% that earn from $50K to $100K. Above that is 7.5% of the population.

The data table is for all single individuals. The StatsCan table can be shown for a variety of criteria. For example, for only those individuals 65 years of age and older.

Family income will obviously depend on the family composition. StatsCan has tables for this as well at Family income, by family type (Couple families). The median total income for 2013 was $84,080. Notice that this is more than 2.6 times the individual median income of $32,020.