The only information collected is your first and last name, your email address, your computer’s Ethernet address (MAC Address) and the computer platform on the Order form. This information is kept in a secure database and is used to generate your License Document. When the License is issued, the following information is added to the secure database: serial number, ID number and date of issue.

If you require an update or an upgrade to another application, all of this information is required to issue you a new License.

Any information collected by PayPal about your credit card is not provided to us. Only the amount paid and the date is provided.

As explained on the Order page, the MAC address is required for piracy reasons. This method of identifying your computer is used, instead of the often-used method of accessing a website while you are using the application, to protect your privacy and ensure that you always know what is being collected about you and your computer.

None of your information is sold, given or otherwise provided to anyone else or another company.

Whenever there are updates or other offers available, you may receive an email. You can choose to remove yourself from this activity by responding to the email indicating you no longer want to be notified.

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