Over years the number of accounts you have will likely be larger than can be easily managed manually or on a spreadsheet. Try Accounts and download as a demo for 31 days. You can enter your assets and liabilities (and past monthly values) and show changes over the years as well as your gross and net worth. Share Accounts can be updated as they change including Buy, Dividend, Sell, Split, MonthEnd and Other.



The following are the prices for the products provided. For details on any product, use the Products menu. You can download FinanceBase and try out all products for 31-days. If it suits your needs, use the Order window that is available when FinanceBase is open and decide which product to purchase. A browser window will open where you can order and pay for the product. A License will be emailed to you within 2 days with instructions on how to use it with the already downloaded FinanceBase.

  • Prices (1)=includes Accounts, (2)=includes Finances, (3)=includes Taxes
  • FinanceBase-Accounts = $15.00
  • FinanceBase-Lifetime Lite (1) = $20.00
  • FinanceBase-Lifetime (1) = $40.00
  • FinanceBase-Finances (1) = $30.00
  • FinanceBase-Taxes (1)(2) = $35.00
  • FinanceBase-Quotes (1)(2)(3) = $40.00
  • FinanceBase-Daycare (1)(2)(3) = $45.00
  • FinanceBase-Finances plus Lifetime (1)= $50.00
  • FinanceBase-Taxes plus Lifetime (1)(2) = $55.00
  • FinanceBase-Quotes plus Lifetime (1)(2)(3) = $60.00
  • FinanceBase-Daycare plus Lifetime (1)(2)(3) = $65.00
Note that all spreadsheets referred to in the posts are free.

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