Easy to Use Budget Method and Spreadsheet

Creating a yearly budget should be easy because all you need to know is your income and your expenses. How you organize, prioritize and analyze your expenses takes a little time, but it also is an easy exercise because you probably know where you spend your money. This post discusses a method for creating and updating a budget and provides a spreadsheet that simplifies entering your income and expenses that provides visual clues as to when you are overspending. More

Introducing Lifetime Finances Lite

If you do not need the full capabilities of FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances or do not want to pay the full price, try this Lite version at a reduced price. It performs all of the calculations needed to use your assets, income & expenses during your lifetime to project whether you will outlive your money. It can be used at any age and provides a yearly cash flow (income less expenses, including taxes) from now to 45 years after retirement. Data can only be entered on the Entry page and changes cannot be made in any year on the other pages. More

FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances, More Than a Retirement Calculator

If you want more than the simple retirement calculators that you can find online, explore the lifetime finances planner discussed in this post. It is feature-rich but is easy to use that uses your expenses, income and assets to provide a cash flow and asset movement from now until up to 45 years past retirement. Charts make it easy to see if you have shortfalls in any years and if your assets will last during your lifetime. You can make changes in any year and try various “what-ifs” to see the impact. More

Estimating How Much You Need In Retirement

How much do you really need to retire? Are you one of the majority that either have a large number in mind or do not know? It may not be as bad as you think. What you need is an estimate of your expenses when you retire based on what you spend today, have an understanding of where your retirement income will come from and how you will use your savings. A spreadsheet is provided that will help you and it only takes a few minutes to fill in. You can try different values for capital, interest rates, inflation rate and withdrawal amounts. More

When to Take the CPP – Factors Involved

Before deciding when to take your Canada Pension Plan retirement pension you need to consider the impact of a number of factors that affect how much you will receive. These include the age-dependent increase in yearly payment provided, drop-outs, inflation, marginal taxes, the break-even age and survival probability. More

When to Take the CPP – Spreadsheets

The downloadable Excel spreadsheets described in this post can be used to determine when to take your Canada Pension Plan retirement pension. Once you copy your CPP Statement of Contributions into the table provided, a macro can be run that fills in the drop-outs and removals. Yearly payments, break-even ages and cumulative payments at various ages plus many charts will give you an insight as to when to take the CPP for your circumstances. You can also set inflation and marginal tax rates.

Life Expectancy and Survival Probability

Life expectancy is a key factor in a number of decisions required when you approach retirement. For example, should you delay taking the Canada Pension Plan pension or the Old Age Security payment? You need to feel comfortable that you will be alive to take a delayed pension and, for example with the CPP if you will be alive at the break-even age. More

Canadian Marginal Tax Rates – 2018

This post provides the 2018 combined marginal and average tax rates as tables, charts and a downloadable spreadsheet for the Canadian federal government and all the provinces and territories. It now includes some of the hidden taxes that are not shown on the income tax forms rate tables. More

FinanceBase – Overview

FinanceBase is personal & small business finance software that includes, among others, an Accounts manager, Transactions management and a Lifetime Finances planner. It is easy to use and provides a range of personalization not normally found in this type of software. FinanceBase is conveniently provided in products in a hierarchy and priced accordingly.  More


Finances is one of the products of FinanceBase. It includes Accounts and is used by the Taxes, Quotes and Daycare. Income and expenses are recorded in a single Transaction-Input window and assets and liabilities are recorded in a single Accounts-Input window making entry simple and easy. Each can be searched, sorted, printed, exported and analyzed. Also included are importing of transactions and accounts from financial institutions and other applications, cash flow analysis and planning, automatic notification of when transactions and accounts are due, windows that provide the latest values for Accounts and Transaction Cash Flow and an easy way to keep track of Medical Expenses. More



Over years the number of accounts you have will likely be larger than can be easily managed manually or on a spreadsheet. Using these methods, it is also very difficult to provide a history of your accounts and to track the change in gross and net worth. FinanceBase-Accounts is an alternative that provides this and much more. It is included in all of the other FinanceBase products. It is also provided as a standalone product for those people that only need to manage their accounts and do not want all of the other capabilities. More

FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances

FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances uses your assets, income & expenses during your lifetime to project whether you will outlive your money. It can be used at any age and provides a yearly cash flow (income less expenses, including taxes) from now to 45 years after retirement. If desired, changes can be made in any year. If the free on-line retirement calculators leave you wishing for more, and you do not want to pay a financial advisor each year, try one of the most comprehensive, lifetime financial planners available. More


Taxes is one of the products of FinanceBase and includes Finances. It is used by the Quotes and Daycare. it provides a means of recording all activities of a financial nature for a household and an at-home business. It uses transactions to fill out the Business tax form. More


The Quotes product of the FinanceBase application includes Finances and Taxes. It is an industry specific product that provides a means of recording all activities of a financial nature for any business that provides quotes to customers and uses the quotes to manage part of the business. It uses Transactions to record expenditures and income and Accounts to record assets and liabilities. Quotes can be prepared using a spread-sheet like capability in a Job record and used as the basis for a quote document. The Job Name is used in Transactions so that the quote can be compared to the actual expenditures and income. These are then used to determine the actual profit. More

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