Introducing Lifetime Finances Lite

If you do not need the full capabilities of FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances or do not want to pay the full price, try this Lite version at a reduced price. It performs all of the calculations needed to use your assets, income & expenses during your lifetime to project whether you will outlive your money. It can be used at any age and provides a yearly cash flow (income less expenses, including taxes) from now to 45 years after retirement. Data can only be entered on the Entry page and changes cannot be made in any year on the other pages.

The cost of the Lite version ($20.00) is half of that of the full version. Both include the Accounts product. Explore the features described below and in the links provided and download the product and try as a Demo for 31 days. If it suits your needs, order a License. You can upgrade to the full version later, if desired.

You can enter the following data on Entry page of Lifetime Finances Lite:

  • Country: Canada or USA.
  • Any Province or State
  • Tax year
  • Personal information: name, year of birth, retirement age.
  • Expenses: now and when retirement, in todays dollars.
  • 3 Inflation Rates: expenses, pensions & tax brackets
  • Government pensions: Canada – CPP, OAS, GIS: USA – Social Security
  • 3 Salaries and Private pensions.
  • 5 Asset classes: Cash, Shares, Dividend Shares; Canada – TFSA, RRSP; USA – Roth IRA, IRA
  • Include a second person: can be a spouse.

It takes up to 15 minutes to enter all the data, but as you enter, the Charts window shows immediate results. Therefore, you can enter what you know and guess at the rest or leave it empty. As you gather more information on your financial situation you can update the data and refine the results. By changing the percentages and some of the yearly savings amounts, you can examine different alternatives. The What-if capability is not enabled in the Lite version, so you have to do most of the alternatives yourself.

Here is the Canada Entry page. The “Auto Iterate & What-if” is disabled but everything else can be used:

The USA entry page is slightly different in the Government pension and Asset areas:

The Charts window is available and, for Canada, is given below:

Except in a few places, all of the other pages do not have enterable data, but still show the results as charts and tables.

For details on what is included in Lifetime Finances (with the restrictions discussed above), please use these links:

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