Information for Ordering


  • Prices (1)=includes Accounts, (2)=includes Finances, (3)=includes Taxes
  • FinanceBase-Accounts = $15.00
  • FinanceBase-Lifetime Lite (1) = $20.00
  • FinanceBase-Lifetime (1) = $40.00
  • FinanceBase-Finances (1) = $30.00
  • FinanceBase-Taxes (1)(2) = $35.00
  • FinanceBase-Quotes (1)(2)(3) = $40.00
  • FinanceBase-Daycare (1)(2)(3) = $45.00
  • FinanceBase-Finances plus Lifetime (1)= $50.00
  • FinanceBase-Taxes plus Lifetime (1)(2) = $55.00
  • FinanceBase-Quotes plus Lifetime (1)(2)(3) = $60.00
  • FinanceBase-Daycare plus Lifetime (1)(2)(3) = $65.00

A license can only be ordered from the Demonstration version. Download the desired application, login to it and then click on the Order button in the Order License window that appears. This is required to ensure that the correct MAC Address is provided.

This page will then be opened with box below filled in with the information needed for the license and the Paypal Buy Now button.

Once payment has been completed, an email with the License Document will be sent to your email address within 2 working days.

Order The License from a Downloaded Application

The following are required for a license:

MAC Address: This will be set automatically for your computer by the application in the Demo mode.

Platform: This is either Mac or Windows and will also be set automatically for your computer.

What is the MAC Address and why is it required?

The Media Access Controller (MAC) address is the address assigned to an Ethernet card and is required as it uniquely identifies your computer. The MAC address is used in the License Document.
Unfortunately, this computer-specific information is required to ensure that piracy of the application does not occur. We are sorry about the inconvenience, but we hope you appreciate that a lot of work has gone into creating this application. This address is not used for any other purpose.
Moving the application to another computer can be done by asking for a new License Document for the new computer, at no additional cost.

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