Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the applications be moved to a new computer?

The application can only be used on the computer specified in the License document. If that computer is being retired and replaced by another one, a new License document can be issued if you email with the new computer’s MAC address. To obtain this address, move the application folder to the new computer and open it in the normal manner. Upon opening it will give an Alert indicating the new MAC address.

What taxes are used in RetireBase?

The tax form lines used in RetireBase are listed on the Government Values page. Each state and province
are different. Normally, the taxes calculated by RetireBase will be higher than what most people pay because there are many deductions and credits that are not included in RetireBase. To compensate for this, use the Adjust % on the Taxes page to reduce the amount of taxes to match your latest taxes. Some of the tax forms can be obtained by using the Links page.

Why does the application sometimes not open properly?

All files require that the permissions be set to “Read/Write”. A warning will be given when the application is opened and the Data File is not in Read/Write mode.

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