FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances, Features List

Most of the features included in FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances are given in table form. They are organized by subject and which page or window they appear to make it easy to find them.
Refer to FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances which has screenshots of all windows and pages and also links to other products in the FinanceBase application. You can also download the product and try before you buy during the 31-day trial period. Also refer to FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances, More Than a Retirement Calculator for a description of the background and design philosophy. This post summarizes the features in table form so they can be compared to other applications.

Features Summary

Before providing the details, here is a summary of the features provided.

Window, Macintoch, desktop
User Manual, Help, Tips, Wizard
Email support
Personal Data
Spouse, Name, Year of Birth, Retirement Ages
Social Security Benefits, CPP, OAS, GIS
Company Salary and Pensions
Start Ages, Amounts, Increases
Automatic conversion from Salary to Pension
Social Security, Medical, CPP, EI
Rent, Property Taxes, Mortgage, All Other
For Now and when Retired
Expenses, Pensions, Taxes
TFSA/Roth, Cash, Shares, Dividend Shares, RRSP/IRA
Starting Amounts, Rates, Increase/Year
Transfers between spouses and on death
Uses Minimum Payout for RRIF and IRA
Obeys Maximum TFSA Payments
Select Tax year, Country, Province or State
Uses Tax brackets, key deductions and exemption, etc
Split Pension for Canada, Filling Status for USA
Changes for any Year
Inflation rates, Income rates, Asset rates
Extras by year when retired
Itemized Extras for any year
Income, Assets, Assets per Year
Can specify which Assets to use
Can specify the % of Assets used for each person
Can specify fixed return rate, fixed tax rate
Many Charts and supporting tables
Analysis and suggestions
Asset Movement
Save and Reload Results
Print all pages and Charts Window
Remove Shorts using various options
Stress test (what-ifs) using various options
Multiple windows to make comparisons
Using Over The Years
File for new tax year provided or duplicate last year
Easy to Move Saved data for new year

Features Details

The features are detailed below and organized by subject. The page shown is where the feature mentioned can be found.

FeaturePage or Comment
How accessedDownload from Website
Operating SystemsWindow, Macintosh
Programming System4D
Password ProtectedDuring Login
Multiple WindowsAs many as desired
User ManualWith Download
Context-Sensitive HelpAll windows and pages
Entry WizardEntry
Email SupportDirect or contact form
Data Entry – Ages
Year of BirthEntry
Retire AgeEntry
Government Pension(s) Start AgeEntry
Private Pensions Start AgeEntry
Number of Retirement YearsEntry
Data Entry – Second Person
Include Person 2Entry
Include Person 2 as SpouseEntry
Data Entry – Customize Name
Change Person’s Name from Person 1Entry
Change Person’s Name from Person 2Entry
Data Entry – Expenses
Set Expenses for Now and W]when RetiredEntry, Expenses Details
RentEntry, Expenses Details
Property TaxesEntry, Expenses Details
Mortgage and Mortgage TableEntry, Expenses Details
Social Security for USAEntry, Expenses Details
Medical for USAEntry, Expenses Details
CPP for CanadaEntry, Expenses Details
Employment Insurance for CanadaEntry, Expenses Details
All OtherEntry, Expenses Details
All Other Budget with groupsExpenses Details
Extras by year when retiredExtra Expenses
Itemized Extras for any yearExtra Expenses
Data Entry – Expenses – Self Employed
USA Social SecurityExpenses Details
USA MedicalExpenses Details
Canada CPPExpenses Details
Canada Employment InsuranceExpenses Details
Data Entry – Inflation Rates
Change any inflation rate in any yearRates
Data Entry – Income – Government Pensions
USA Social Security BenefitEntry
Canada Pension PlanEntry
Canada Old Age SecurityEntry
Canada Guaranteed Income SupplementAutomatic
Data Entry – Income – Salaries and Pensions
Number permitted3 on Entry
% Increase per yearEntry
Change to PensionAutomatic
% Pension is of SalaryEntry
% Increase of Pension per yearEntry
Change any Salary/Pension in any yearIncome
Add/Subtract Capital Income in any yearIncome
Add/Subtract Other Income in any yearIncome
Change any rate in any yearRates
Data Entry – Assets – Classes
TFSA and RothEntry
Dividend SharesEntry
Data Entry – Assets – Variables
Starting $ AmountEntry
% RateEntry
$/Year to be addedEntry
For TFSA, Use Maximum per YearEntry
Change any rate in any yearRates
Change any Asset in any yearAssets
Change Assets per year in any yearAssets Per Year
Use Home Buyer’s Plan for CanadaAssets Per Year
Reinvest Cash, Dividends and TFSAIncome
Data Entry – Assets – Allocation during Calculations
% Adding between PersonsEntry
% Taking between PersonsEntry
Ordering of which to AddCalculations
Ordering of which to TakeCalculations
Override of Adding to AssetsCalculations
Override of Taking from AssetsCalculations
Data Entry – Assets – Minimum Payouts
Canada RRIF per Government ValuesAutomatic
USA IRA USA per Government ValuesAutomatic
Data Entry – Assets – Maximum Payments
Canada TFSA per Government ValuesAutomatic
Data Entry – Assets – Transfers
Death of a PersonTaxes
Between PersonsAssets
Data Entry – Assets – Accounts
Show Accounts enteredAccounts
Group Accounts into Asset TypesAccounts
Data Entry – Taxes – Federal and Provincial/State
Select a Tax yearEntry
Select a CountryEntry
Select a Province/StateEntry
Taxes used in CalculationsGovernment Values
Data Entry – Taxes – Settings
Split Pensions for CanadaTaxes
Filing Status for USATaxes
Use Set Rates OverrideTaxes
Exclude Taxes OverrideTaxes
Analysis, Removing Shorts and What-ifs
Summary of Excess and/or ShortfallCharts Window
Last year total assetsCharts Window
Possible options when ShortCharts Window
Remove Shorts using various optionsAuto Iterate and What-if Window
Stress test using various optionsAuto Iterate and What-if Window
Results – Save
Save as a FileEntry
Save for later use in drop-down menuEntry
Results – Load Saved
Load Files from othersEntry
Load Saved results using menuEntry
Examples includedExamples
Can add Examples in the futureAdd to Examples Folder
Empty Entry PageExamples
Some Standard ValuesExamples
Results – Printing
Print any or all pages (charts and tables)ToolBar
Print Charts Window (charts and analysis)ToolBar
Results – Asset Movement
Year by year listing of Asset changesAsset Movement
Show Income, Expenses and TaxesAsset Movement
Show Year-End AssetsAsset Movement
Results – Charts
Chart 1. Available Income vs ExpensesCharts Window
Chart 2. Excess and/or ShortfallCharts Window
Chart 3. Total Assets By PersonCharts Window
Chart 3. Total Assets vs InflationCharts Window
Chart 3. Total Assets As A PercentCharts Window
Chart 3. Total Assets As Yearly % by Age (Animated)Charts Window
Chart 4. Total Income For Person 1Income for Person 1
Chart 4. Marginal & Actual Tax Rates For Person 1Income for Person 1
Chart 5. Assets for Person 1Assets for Person 1
Chart 6. Total Income For Person 2Income for Person 2
Chart 6. Marginal & Actual Tax Rates For Person 2Income for Person 2
Chart 7. Assets for Person 2Assets for Person 2
Chart 8. Taxable Income And TaxesTaxes
Results – Tables
Expenses, MortgageExpenses Details
Wanted and One-Time ExtrasExtra Expenses
Asset changes per yearAssets Per Year
Rate changes per yearRates
Federal and Province/State Taxes UsedGovernment Values
Charts Window TablesCharts Values
Using Over The Years
Tax File provided each year for loadingEmail
Load new year into applicationEntry Tax Year drop-down menu
Or Create Tax year DuplicateEntry Tax Year drop-down menu
Easy to Move Saved data for new yearEntry Tax Year drop-down menu