The Daycare product of the FinanceBase application includes Finances and Taxes. It is an industry specific product and provides a means of keeping track of the parents and their children that use the daycare. Also provided is a means to record attendance of the children per day and the dollar amount so that charges for the daycare by week for each parent are summarized. In addition, tax receipts can be issued at the end of the year.

The application uses Transactions to record expenditures and income and Accounts to record assets and liabilities. Daily daycare attendance can be entered at any time and yearly tax receipts can be printed. The transactions and daycare attendance are then used to fill out the Business tax form.

Explore the features described below and try as a Demo for 31 days. If it suits your needs, order a License for $45.00 (add Lifetime Finances for a total of $65.00.

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FinanceBase-Daycare Features

As with all FinanceBase products, the features and capabilities given in FinanceBase – Overview are available. The specific features to FinanceBase-Daycare are discussed in detail in the sections below. As Daycare also includes Finances, Accounts and Taxes, please click on the links to view these features and capabilities as well.


  • • Daily Attendance A simple entry form for each child keeps track of daily attendance, one week at a time.
  • • Record Expenses Use Transactions to keep track of Daycare expenses.
  • • Record Income Use Transactions to keep track of Daycare payments by parents.
  • • Year-End Income Tax Receipts Using the Attendance records, a receipt can be issued for each parent.
  • • Income Tax Preparation Use the items on the Taxes menu to prepare the Business Statement.


  • • Rates per Day Specific default periods can be defined and used for each day.
  • • Set a Period Default Each child can have a default set which is loaded when a new week is started.

Linked Records

  • • One Record Per Parent Enter the parent information and the application automatically updates the children totals per year.

Federal Taxes

  • • Income Tax Business Forms A requirement for all businesses is to complete an income tax return. The business form can be generated from the Transactions for the business as described in FinanceBase-Taxes.
  • • GST/HST Return For Canadian businesses, the GST/HST Return has to be filled either monthly or quarterly. This can be generated from the Transaction records for the business as described in FinanceBase-Taxes.

Possible Additions

  • • Invoices If there is a request, invoices could be added so that each parent could get a bill for Daycare services.

Daycare Menu

The Daycare menu is to the right of the File/FInances/Taxes menus. The Daycare menu items are in alphabetic order and are described below. When a new child starts daycare, the order the first 3 items on the menu are to be used is the reverse: register the Parents, then the Child and then use Attendance each day or at the end of a week.FinanceBase-Daycare Menu

FinanceBase-Daycare Parents-ListDaycare Parents – The first step is to enter a Parent record. Use this menu item to open a List window (as shown to the right after the following is done) and then use the ToolBar’s Add New Records to open an Input window (as shown below), where the Parent Name, a Unique Name and a Start date are entered. Save the record and the List window will be now show the Parent record. Once Children and Attendance records have been entered for the parent, the Parent record can be opened again and it will show the Children and the total attendance by year for each child as shown below.FinanceBase-Daycare Parents-Input

FinanceBase-Daycare Children-ListDaycare Children – Next, use the Daycare Children menu item to open a List window and then use the ToolBar’s Add New Records to open an Input window. Enter the Child Name, a Unique Name, the Parent’s Unique Name (it will also be in the drop-down menu) and the Start Date. As indicated later in the Daycare Settings description, a Default Period can be selected. Add other relevant information such as Birthday, special instructions, allergies, etc. Saving the record will return to the List window where the Child’s record will e shown.FinanceBase-Daycare Children-Input

Daycare Attendance – Finally, Attendance at a Daycare is tracked so that a cost for a week or month can be calculated and a year-end tax receipt can be prepared. Each child has an Attendance record for a week. When this menu item is selected the Daycare Attendance-List window opens as shows a list of records, depending on the search criteria used. Use the ToolBar’s Add New Records to open an Input window or double-click any row in the List window to open that record. The Input window is shown below. The fields to be filled in are the Child Unique name, Start date of the week, and then the amount charged per day. The Period shortcut can also used, and will be filled in automatically as will the amount if it is set in the Child record. Also included is the number of meals supplied each day.FinanceBase-Daycare Attendance-Input

FinanceBase-Daycare Settings - Daycare PeriodsDaycare Settings – To reduce the amount of data entry required on the Daycare Attendance-Input window, use the Daycare Settings window which has two items. Daycare Periods is used to define the period, amount and meal defaults for the Daycare Children-Input record. FinanceBase-Daycare Settings - Holidays & VacationsHolidays & Vacations is used to set days that are not used for daycare.