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Calculating TFSA and RRSP Totals at Retirement

Canadian Marginal Tax Rates – 2014

Canadian Marginal Tax Rates – 2016

Canadian Marginal Tax Rates – 2017

Canadian Marginal Tax Rates – 2018

Canadian Marginal Tax Rates – 2019 NEW March 2019

Comparing an Annuity to a RRIF or a LIF NEW September 2018

Determining the Elected Split-Pension Amount

Determining Yearly Rates for Stock Prices and Dividends

Easy to Use Budget Method and Spreadsheet NEW September 2018

Estimating Canadian Income Taxes

Estimating Capital Totals at Retirement

Estimating How Much You Need In Retirement MODIFIED March 2018

Estimating Savings Required for Retirement NEW October 2018

Impact of Enhanced CPP on Take-Home Pay NEW April 2019

Impact of Tax Credits on Average Tax Rate

Life Expectancy and Survival Probability

Loan and Mortgage Calculator

Making a Yearly Budget

Managing Expenses and Cash Flow

Nortel Pension Settlement – Deferred Pension

Nortel Pension Settlement Options – Annuity vs LIF

RRIF Minimum Payout

RRIF Minimum Payout – 2015 Rates

RRIF Minimum Payout – 2015 versus Old Rates

Setting TFSA and RRIF Withdrawals

TFSA and RRSP – Providing a Fixed Retirement Income

TFSA and RRSP – Providing a Fixed Retirement Income Using 2015 Rates

TFSA or RRSP – Impact of Reinvesting the Tax Refund

TFSA or RRSP – Impact of Reinvesting the Tax Refund Using 2015 Rates

Understanding Your Canadian Sources Of Retirement Income

Using Price Targets to Compare Stocks NEW July 2019

Using Yearly Rates to Compare Stock Prices and Dividends

When to Take the CPP – Spreadsheets

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