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Operating Systems Supported:

Mac OS X from 10.9.5 (“Mavericks”) up to and including 11 (“Big Sur”).
Windows 7, 8 and 10

Try Before Ordering a License:
Until there is a License, the downloaded Product will operate as a Demonstration for 31 days. For FinanceBase, all modules are available. For the Lifetime Finances menu item, only some variables can be changed. However, there are examples for each age group that can be loaded.The License can be ordered when the Product is running on your computer. Just select the module to be ordered and then click on the Order button, on the Order License window.

This website’s order page will then be opened in your browser where the product can be ordered using Paypal.

  • Prices (1)=includes Accounts, (2)=includes Finances, (3)=includes Taxes
  • FinanceBase-Accounts = $15.00
  • FinanceBase-Lifetime Lite (1) = $20.00
  • FinanceBase-Lifetime (1) = $40.00
  • FinanceBase-Finances (1) = $30.00
  • FinanceBase-Taxes (1)(2) = $35.00
  • FinanceBase-Quotes (1)(2)(3) = $40.00
  • FinanceBase-Daycare (1)(2)(3) = $45.00
  • FinanceBase-Finances plus Lifetime (1)= $50.00
  • FinanceBase-Taxes plus Lifetime (1)(2) = $55.00
  • FinanceBase-Quotes plus Lifetime (1)(2)(3) = $60.00
  • FinanceBase-Daycare plus Lifetime (1)(2)(3) = $65.00

What You Need To Do To Download

  • 1) Find the Product&Version and Operation System of your computer in the table below and click on the Download button. Please note that the 64-bit versions provided with FinanceBase 5.0 will only run on a 64-bit computer and operating system. For Mac OS, this is 10.14, 10.15 and 11. For Windows, check your computer as it could be either 64-bit or 32-bit.
  • 2) A dialog will appear that asks that a lower case y be entered and then the OK button clicked. (This is required to indicate that you are not a robot.) The download will then start. See the comments below the table for each operating system.
Product&Version For Mac For Windows
FinanceBase 4.3 for 10.9.5 to 10.14 (32-bit)(86 MB) Download for 7, 8, 10 (32-bit)(45 MB) Download
FinanceBase 5.0 for 10.14 to 11 (64-bit) (173 MB) Download for 10 (64-bit)(90 MB) Download
For Mac: FinanceBase 4.3

  • 3) The file is a zipped file. For some OS X versions and Browers, the option for saving or running is offered. If so it should be saved rather than opened. After downloading, find where it has been stored.
  • 4) If saved and OS X does not unzip automatically, double-click to unzip it. Then double-click the unzipped file (a .pkg file) to open the Installer.
  • 5) Depending on the Security Preferences set in System Preferences, a dialog may open indicating that the file cannot be opened (see Note below). Click the OK button and then either change the preferences and try again or use the contextual menu as follows: Hold down the control key and click on the .pkg file. From the drop-down menu, select Open from the menu. In the dialog box that appears, click on the Open button.
  • 6) Follow the Installer’s instructions and the product will automatically open.
For Mac: FinanceBase 5.0

  • 3) The file is a Disk Image. After downloading, open the Download folder where it has been stored.
  • 4) Double click the .dmg file. This will mount it on the desktop and automatically open it.
  • 5) Follow the instructions shown on the disk file.
For Windows:

  • 3) The file is an .exe file and should be run rather than saved, if that option is available.
  • 4) The operating system may indicate that Calor Software is an unknown publisher (see Note below). Click on Run to start the Setup Wizard. If Run is not visible, each browser and operating system provides a different way to expose the run, so explore the dialog box for it.
  • 5) Follow the Wizard’s instructions and the product will automatically open.
  • Note: Calor Software does not have a Software Publisher’s Digital Certificate at this time because of the cost in obtaining and maintaining one. Consequently, opening a product after downloading will, on some browsers and operating systems, result in an alert that the software is from an unknown publisher. See above for how to open the software.

To Uninstall or Remove the Product

  • Find the folder that was downloaded and move it to the Trash. Other than the downloaded file, which should have been deleted after the Installer/Wizard was finished, there are no other files or folders that were installed.

Installation Procedure

  • Once the Installer or Wizard is showing, the instructions for both are similar: Introduction, Read Me, Select Destination and Installation. Once installation has completed, the following will have happened:
For Mac:
The Installer will have completed the following:

  • 1) Created a folder named “Product&Version” Mac in your Documents folder in the root volume directory.
  • 2) Opened the folder.
  • 3) Opened “Product&Version” ReadMe Mac.pdf located in the folder.
  • 4) Launched “Product&Version”.app located in the folder.
For Windows:
The Setup Wizard will have completed the following:

  • 1) Created a folder named “Product&Version” Win in your My Documents directory.
  • 2) Opened the folder.
  • 3) Opened “Product&Version” ReadMe Win.pdf located in the folder.
  • 4) Launched “Product&Version”.
  • Once the application has been launched, the following windows are shown:
  • 1) End User License Agreement – This must be accepted to move on to the next window. Click on this link to see the standard EULA for Calor Software products.
  • 2) First and Last Names – These are used to define the User Name that is assigned to all records created by the user.
  • 3) Code and Password – These are used for subsequent Logins.

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