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FinanceBase – Overview

FinanceBase is personal & small business finance software that includes, among others, an Accounts manager, Transactions management and a Lifetime Finances planner. It is easy to use and provides a range of personalization not normally found in this type of software. FinanceBase is conveniently provided in products in a hierarchy and priced accordingly.  More


Finances is one of the products of FinanceBase. It includes Accounts and is used by the Taxes, Quotes and Daycare. Income and expenses are recorded in a single Transaction-Input window and assets and liabilities are recorded in a single Accounts-Input window making entry simple and easy. Each can be searched, sorted, printed, exported and analyzed. Also included are importing of transactions and accounts from financial institutions and other applications, cash flow analysis and planning, automatic notification of when transactions and accounts are due, windows that provide the latest values for Accounts and Transaction Cash Flow and an easy way to keep track of Medical Expenses. More



Over years the number of accounts you have will likely be larger than can be easily managed manually or on a spreadsheet. Using these methods, it is also very difficult to provide a history of your accounts and to track the change in gross and net worth. FinanceBase-Accounts is an alternative that provides this and much more. It is included in all of the other FinanceBase products. It is also provided as a standalone product for those people that only need to manage their accounts and do not want all of the other capabilities. More

FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances

FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances uses your assets, income & expenses during your lifetime to project whether you will outlive your money. It can be used at any age and provides a yearly cash flow (income less expenses, including taxes) from now to 45 years after retirement. If desired, changes can be made in any year. If the free on-line retirement calculators leave you wishing for more, and you do not want to pay a financial advisor each year, try one of the most comprehensive, lifetime financial planners available. More


Taxes is one of the products of FinanceBase and includes Finances. It is used by the Quotes and Daycare. it provides a means of recording all activities of a financial nature for a household and an at-home business. It uses transactions to fill out the Business tax form. More


The Quotes product of the FinanceBase application includes Finances and Taxes. It is an industry specific product that provides a means of recording all activities of a financial nature for any business that provides quotes to customers and uses the quotes to manage part of the business. It uses Transactions to record expenditures and income and Accounts to record assets and liabilities. Quotes can be prepared using a spread-sheet like capability in a Job record and used as the basis for a quote document. The Job Name is used in Transactions so that the quote can be compared to the actual expenditures and income. These are then used to determine the actual profit. More


The Daycare product of the FinanceBase application includes Finances and Taxes. It is an industry specific product and provides a means of keeping track of the parents and their children that use the daycare. Also provided is a means to record attendance of the children per day and the dollar amount so that charges for the daycare by week for each parent are summarized. In addition, tax receipts can be issued at the end of the year. More

Lifetime Finances Calculations

FinanceBase-Lifetime Finances takes the data you enter and performs a number of calculations each time a value is changed to produce the tables, charts and analysis that are displayed on the windows and pages. More

Comments From Developing Lifetime Finances and FinanceBase

While developing Lifetime Finances and FinanceBase, I also developed a viewpoint on number of items that may be of interest. In particular, there is a lack of good, non-product retirement planning, finances in Canada and the USA are surprisingly similar, compounding has good and bad effects, “rule of thumb” is not a good way to plan for retirement and software should be easy to use, but also permit access to special features. More