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Managing Expenses and Cash Flow – Part 4: Design

While creating the spreadsheet that is provided in Part 2, a number of tricks and guidelines were used that may be of interest to others. Specifically, obtaining the screenshots and making them download as fast as possible, creating line charts that stopped at the current month, deciding what colors to use to ensure there is no confusion when viewing and printing the charts, and the tradeoff between using a single sheet rather than multiple sheets to ensure that formulas are not modified. More

Getting Excel to Chart Stair-step Values

Excel does not easily chart amounts that are constant over a range and abruptly change to another value (called a stair-step). It requires the use of the Scatter chart and some changes to how the data is arranged. This post describes how the charts for the Canadian Marginal Tax Rates – 2014 post were created in the hope that others can use the technique to deal with similar data. More